Emin Khateeb

Software Developer

About Me

I enjoy learning new things. This doesn’t only relate to my hobbies, but also to me as a developer. Technology evolves quickly and frameworks, libraries, etc. can change at any time. To me the most important thing is to have a clean and consistent code base which you can refactor, migrate or even rewrite at any given time.


Bitcoin Suisse AG

Frontend Developer

yourmile AG

Software Developer

At yourmile we were a fresh team of two developers, building a new mobility platform (go! Fleet) from scratch with React (Web Frontend), React Native (Native Mobile Driver App) & Node.js (Server Side API). The whole eco system heavily relies on realtime data with simultaneous reads and writes on the data layer.

Edge5 AG

Software Developer

At Edge5 I developed mobile Apps and IoT/M2M Solutions for customers with high quality expectations. In our team we used React Native with TypeScript, which enabled us creating great native experiences with a single code base. In addition to that I also created a Smart Contract (written in Solidity) for an internal project that got me into Blockchain technology (Ethereum in particular).

ipeak Infosystems GmbH

Software Developer

At ipeak Infosystems I helped develop Digital Signage solutions. I started at the very beginning of the development, at the time before React and Angular became established. We developed a custom framework with TypeScript and the application itself ran in Electron. Besides Digital Signage, we were also developing a new product, which is more or less a travel guide app. For this we used Ionic (Angular) and services from AWS (EC2, Beanstalk, S3 and more) to stay highly scalable.

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