Emin Khateeb

Software Engineer

About Me

When it's about describing yourself, many people struggle. I'm no exception to that. What differentiates me from others is the way I tackle challenges like these.

P.S. That sounds more philosophical than I initially planned 😃.

I often describe myself as a Developer with ❤️.


Edge5 AG


This is the place I'm currently employed at. We develop mobile Apps and IoT/M2M Solutions for customers with high quality expectations. In our team we use React Native with TypeScript, which enabled us creating great native experiences with a single code base.

In addition to that I've also created a Smart Contract (written in Solidity) for an internal project that got me into Blockchain technology (Ethereum in particular).

ipeak Infosystems GmbH


At ipeak Infosystems I helped develop Digital Signage Solutions (I know... the word "Solutions" is overused 😃). I started at the very beginning of the development, at the time before React and Angular became established. We developed a custom framework with TypeScript and the application itself ran in Electron. Besides Digital Signage, we were also developing a new product, which is more or less a travel guide app. For this we used Ionic (Angular) and services from AWS (EC2, Beanstalk, S3 and more) to stay highly scalable.


Be aware, those are just some of my current favourites. Not trying to exaggerate, but the list would've become pretty big if I would mention every single thing 😅.

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